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ACS Style Guide

ACS 스타일을 적용한 인용 및 참고문헌 작성법 가이드입니다.

ACS Style - 내주 작성법

In-text Citation Format

References in the text should be cited in one of three ways:

 1. By superscript numbers, which appear outside the punctuation if the citation applies to a whole sentence or clause. Oscillation in the reaction of benzaldehyde with oxygen was reported previously.3

 2. By italic numbers in parentheses on the line of text and inside the punctuation.
       The mineralization of TCE by a pure culture of a methane-oxidizing organism has been reported (6).

3. By author name and year of publication in parentheses inside the punctuation(known as author–date).
       The primary structure of this enzyme has also been determined (Finnegan et al., 2004).

References should be in italics and numbered sequentially.

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